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Presentations Policy

The Organizing and Scientific Committee of the EUCAPA2020 invites everyone interested to actively contribute to the programme by presenting their research to an international audience through Oral Presentations or Posters by submitting abstracts of their work until 30th April 2020.

Please, before submitting your work, take a few seconds to go through the following indications:

  • Abstracts must be submitted ONLY through the online submission form at the end of this webpage.
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English only, the official language of the conference.If English is not Author’s first language, we recommend that the abstract is checked by somebody who is fluent in English prior to submission.
  • Abstracts will be made available to the participants in an electronic form. The authorsare solely responsible for the ethical and scientific content of the submission as well as for its proper grammatical and stylistic form. However, changes in the content and/or the style could be requested during the peer review process.
  • There are no fees for submitting abstracts.
  • A maximum of two abstracts can be submitted by a Main Author or Primary Contact. The Main Author (i.e. Primary contact) is the author that will conduct the presentation during the conference and his/her registration in the conference is mandatory.
  • All authors are asked to choose the closest relevant thematic area during the submission process.
  • The Preferred Presentation Method (Oral or Poster Presentation) is not guaranteed considering a) the number of available slots across conference days and sessions and b) the score received by the scientific committee during the review process.
  • All presentations (oral and posters) will be evaluated by a scientific jury who may ask questions after the presentation is completed. That evaluation will be used for Awards. Both Oral and Poster Presentation formats have the possibility for Gold and Topic Awards (see below).

About Oral Presentations

  • Abstracts accepted as Oral Presentations will be scheduled in slots of 1 to 1.5 hours, that is, sessions for 4-to-6 individual oral presentations.
  • The presentations will be grouped considering the Topic of the Day and the population and/or approach of the contributions.
  • The speaker will have a maximum of 10-to-12 minutes for presenting the work to the audience, following 3-to-5 minutes for discussion.
  • At the end of the session, the main/presenting author will receive the certification of the contribution. Copies of the certification/s will only be provided for those authors registered in the conference.

About Poster Presentations

  • Posters size:118 cm (height) x 84 cm (width)
  • Each poster presenter will have a 10-min time slot: 5 minutes for the presentation and 3-min for responding questions from the audience.
  • Each session will be organised for 5-to-6 posters considering the Topic of the Day and the population and/or approach of the contributions.
  • At the end of the session, the main/presenting author will receive the certification of the contribution. Copies of the certification/s will only be provided for those authors registered in the conference.

Book of Abstracts and Certification

All works will be published in a Book of Abstracts with ISBN. The abstract book will be given to all attendees on a USB stick at the time of registration.

All authors attending the conference will receive a certificate of their contribution to the conference.

Both oral and poster presentations will receive the same type of certification and will have the same award opportunities.


Gold Award

There will be a Gold Award for the best valued contribution at the conference. The award decision will be based on the score obtained by the scientific committee during the review of the abstracts (before the conference), and the evaluation of the work presentation at the conference.

The Gold Award must be invested in an Open Access Publication where the Asisa Foundation must appear in the Acknowledgements section, including the statement: "This publication is awarded by the Asisa Foundation and prize received at the 2020 European Conference on Adapted Physical Activity".

The amount of this prize will be 1200€.

Topic Awards

There will be an award for the best contribution in each of the three conference topics:

  • Health and rehabilitation through physical activity
  • Inclusion in APA Fields
  • Adapted Physical Activity and Para-Sport

The selecting process of the best contributions will be similar to that of the Gold Award.

All three contributions will be invited to a full publication in the European Journal of Adapted Physical Activity (EUJAPA).

Young Award:

This award will be awarded to the contribution with the best score presented by a speaker under the age of 30.

This award is non-accumulative with the Gold or Topic awards.

Author/s will receive a specific certification and a trophy in recognition of the award.

The main author of the presentation will receive a reimbursement of his/her registration fee.

All the awards will be communicated at the Closing Ceremony and a recognition of the award will be provided to the author/s attending to the conference

Instructions for Abstract Submission

Please, only use the following online form for submitting your abstracts for EUCAPA 2020.

Author/s format (examples):

  • One author: Reina, R.
  • Two authors: Reina, R. & Roldán A.
  • Three or more authors: Reina, R., Roldán, A. & Sarabia, J. M.

Author/s´ affiliation/s: University, Department, City, Country

  • Example: Miguel Hernández University, Department of Sport Sciences, Elche, Spain
  • In case the authors of the contribution belong to different institutions: use number superscripts after the initial of the given name and use the same number before for each institution separated by semicolons. Example:
    • Authors: Reina, R.1&Yanci, J.2
    • Authors´ affiliation: 1. Miguel Hernández University, Department of Sport Sciences, Elche, Spain; 2. Vasque Country University, Faculty of Education and Sport Sciences, Vitoria, Spain.

Scientific contributions require a structured abstract with the following subsections:

  • Background: State the objectives of the work and provide an adequate background, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.
  • Methods: Provide enough details to allow the work to be reproduced by an independent researcher. Methods that are already published should be summarized and indicated by a reference.
  • Results: Results should be clear and concise.In case you need to provide a table or a figure, please upload in a separated file.
  • Discussion and Conclusion .This should explore the significance of the results of the work, not repeat them. Avoid extensive citations and discussion of published literature.Please, finish your abstract with a short Conclusions sentence or paragraph.

Professional or unstructured abstracts. In case the contribution is not suitable with a structured abstract, select the Professional contribution option and insert the content of your abstract in a unique box.

References must be provided in APA format (example):

  • Reina, R., Healy, S., Roldán, A., Hemmelmayr, I., & Klavina, A. (2019). Incluye-T: a professional development program to increase the self-efficacy of physical educators towards inclusion. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy, 24(4), 319-331.

The maximum number of words, including references, is 500 words.

Prior to the submission, you must provide information about if you require an invitation letter for visa purposes, your consent for publishing your contribution in the book of abstracts and your agreement with the conference´s legal advice(you can access clicking on the Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the website)

Once you fill all the required boxes, you would check the abstract´s content on your internet browser prior tothe submission.

After confirming the submission, you will receive a proof with the ID for your contribution.

In the case that electronic submission is not possible, please contact us at email address:

Upload your Abstract here